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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Pakistan: Swat - a paradise in peril
By Adam Pal in Lahore
The myth encouraged by the mainstream media is that the Islamic fundamentalist forces operating on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan are enemies of "western culture". This interesting article from Pakistan highlights the fact that these forces are not in contradiction with capitalism, but are seen as a useful tool in combating any genuine struggle of the oppressed and downtrodden masses.

Venezuela: Militant march of workers in Barcelona
By CMR Anzoátegui
On Tuesday industrial workers, workers from the service sector and from the state sector, together with members of dozens of communal councils, marched through the streets of Barcelona to condemn the killing of two Mitsubishi workers the week before.

[Video] Funeral of murdered workers outside Mitsubishi factory in Venezuela
By In Defence of Marxism
We publish here two videos of the funeral for the murdered Mitsubishi workers outside the factory with about 2000 people present.

Ireland: Waterford Occupation, you can’t skin a tiger claw by claw…
By Séamus Loughlin
The workers at Waterford Crystal have occupied the factory in response to the threat of making 480 workers redundant. They have the full backing of working people locally. This struggle is an indication of the growing militant mood of Irish workers.

Ireland: Workers continue occupation of Waterford Crystal
By éirígí
On the struggle at Waterford Crystal we also publish this interesting article by éirígí. Also available in Gaelic .