Venezuela will leave the IACHR because it outrages against people's dignity

Caracas, July 24 of 2012
“The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) again outrages against Venezuela, the international law, and offends the dignity of a whole nation, the Venezuelan nation. “

That is how expresses the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, during his participation at the acts, in Puerto Cabello, on the occasion of the 189th Anniversary of the Battle of the Maracaibo Lake and the Bolivarian Navy Day.

“We will get out of this court, because we have to do it, we have no other choice.
That is why I told Nicolás Maduro, we should not wait any longer, we should withdraw. Venezuela withdraws from the IACHR, out of dignity. And we accuse them before the world as being unworthy of carrying its name.”

The Venezuelan President refers to the decision of the IACHR of June 26 of 2012, released recently on July 20, that has been pronounced in favour of Raúl Díaz Peña and against the Venezuelan government.

Díaz Peña is the author of the terrorist attacks against the Consulate General of the Republic of Colombia and the Trade Office of the Kingdom of Spain, who has been sentenced on April 29 of 2008 on charges of public intimation, damage to public property and minor injuries, to nine years and four months in prison.

The Head of State gives to know his decision to denounce to the world that the IACHR decides in favour of a terrorist, who has been arrested and convicted with evidences. "The world must know, because acts like these delegitimize that ineffable court, a treaty that Venezuela is denouncing. We will get out of this court...".  

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